Specials and Services

Massage Wellness Program
$70 + tax per visit
Improve your health and receive discounts for 
 monthly massage visits.
No contracts or commitments.
Hot Stone Therapy Included!

 Reiki Session
$75+ tax
Reiki is a technique that promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction that assists the body with healing. Reiki is being used in over 800 hospitals and numerous health clinics by a wide variety of practitioners. A Reiki session can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on the individuals needs. This allotment of time also gives the individual time to relax and reflect after the session if they choose to do so. Although Reiki is not new, many are just becoming aware of its many benefits. Human “touch” can be very therapeutic. Client remains fully clothed during session.

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Located in downtown Miamisburg
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Closed Monday, Thursday and Sunday
By Appointment Only

Regular Prices
1/2 Hour Massage
1 Hour  Massage
1 1/2 Hour Massage
1/2 Hour Reflexology
1 Hour Reflexology
1 Reiki Session
Chair Massage
$15 for 10 minutes
$30 for 20 minutes
Prices Subject to Change
Prices do not include sales tax
Credit cards accepted with additional service fee